Baby, this ones for you!

Capturing your little one in the first few weeks (or months) of life is not only something for you…it is for your baby, too! They will look back at these photos in awe of how itsy bitsy they are…they’ll probably post them to whatever new social media is out there and all their friends will gush over how cute they used to be! Even though we don’t travel around with photo albums in our wallets (unless you’re my dad) grandmom, uncle, godparents will carry these around on their phones to show all their friends. Newborn photos are best taken in the comfort of your home but can also be taken outdoors or in a studio (additional cost). Can’t wait to meet your bundle of joy!

IMB-124IMB-93Dianenewborn-57IMB-50A+J-109IMB-48Diane Newborn-6

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WilliamMcFadden-16WJP-37Julian Hospital-52watermark-5

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