Introducing, The Hermans! Pennsport Photoshoot

Seriously, the initial email Jade sent me made my heart skip a beat. The opportunity to photograph these two, days after their wedding, at a coffee shop (down the street from my house) that shares their last name, is one for the books! Herman’s Coffee is the best local coffee shop located in Pennsport/South Philadelphia that opened up in a converted garage on the ‘Avenue. Mat, the owner, is super cool and didn’t even hesitate when I asked him if we could take some pictures on a late Sunday afternoon in his shop. 

Jade and Scott tied the knot in early November and I couldn’t be happier for them..may you two forever love getting your photo taken in cute little places together!

Congrats newlyweds!


Holiday Mini Sessions!

ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT! Sign up here!Jefferson1125.png

Sign up for Sweetpeashots Holiday Family Mini Sessions at Jefferson Square Park (located at 3rd & Washington in Philadelphia, PA) by filling out the form below.

Scheduled Saturday November 25th, rain date Sunday December 3rd
Sessions are 30 minute blocks – will send and edit at least 10 images
Immediate family only (step/half siblings OK!), extra charge for extended family.

Neutral and holiday (plaid) blanket
Small wooden chair for kids
Holiday signs

Upon booking, confirmation of time slot and contract will be sent viaemail. Sign-up does not guarantee time slot, they are first come first serve. I will email you in the order of sign up to choose another time. Design and delivery of holiday cards available for additional fee.

All 30 minute sessions are $99 and edited photos will be delivered within 1 week of scheduled session.

Sign up here!

Please email for questions!


Maternity Session – Philadelphia Art Museum

One of my favorite photo spots in the city is HANDS DOWN is the Art Museum. The way the sun shines over the water at sunset is breathtaking. The Azalea Garden makes me forget we are in the city.  So imagine my excitement when these two showed up for their maternity photoshoot!!! Such a gorgeous couple, inside + out. So much love and positivity was shared this evening – wishing you two all the best with your new bundle of joy (arriving in a few short weeks!)


Styled Shoot – Graffiti Peers

Well collaborating with Megan Monroe Designs (makeup & styling), Kindly Colleen (hair) and This Blooming Life (floral) was so inspiring and SUPER FUN! Together we put together this styled shoot with 4 gorgeous ladies at Graffiti Pier in Philadelphia.  The weather was perfect and a last minute location change made this shoot super magical – best of both worlds with the open field + urban vibe! I love flower crowns anywhere.

A styled shoot like this would work great for any bachelorette party or group of friends that wants a new and exciting adventure! Megan took old bridesmaids dresses and revamped them for an edgy yet stylish look – its the best thing to do with all of those dresses taking up valuable closet space! Contact us for your special ladies event!


It’s all about THE CONNECTION

So, I’ve totally spoken about the little love I have for “The C” better known as The Connection before.  In a previous posts, I put into words what I love about the Photo Connection and why old family photos bring so much emotion to me..but this particular post is more about the personal connection with others.  The power of doing something together and how it is ALWAYS better than doing something on your own. The power of creating collaborations with other people and compromising to make something extra ordinary.  I’ve been feeling a lot of this recently because of a summer connection with some fantastic ladies – which then prompted the thought of other collaborations going on around me and how powerful it is.

connection |kəˈnekSHən| 

1 a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else

One of my first thoughts was music – which is a big part of my life here in South Philly.  While writing this, obviously, I am listening to The New Connection album from like 2007 – which you should also start doing right now (it’s my husband’s band so I may be a tad bit bias).  ALL of my friends have some sort of musical talent – so much talent that they are all in multiple bands and have played around the world. Music is one giant collaboration – from the instruments and the recording equipment to even the space. All of it works in conjunction with the other and if one thing changes, the entire sound may change. Photographing the connections musicians have with each other live on stage or  in the studio gives me the connected feeling!


One of the newest collaborations of some talented friends, Secret American.

This other connection that has been a big one for me is my relationship with other creatives. It is more of a recent thing, as I did not see myself as a creative in the past…but it has taken these connections to push my imagination and therefore, allowed me to accept that I too, have creativity. So I have been navigating through styled shoots, doing two of them and now planning the third – and I GET IT. Sure, maybe I’m not getting paid or maybe I’m even paying to put this thing together but WOW! This “for fun” photoshoot has me unable to sleep because I am trying to come down from the creativity high – which I totally didn’t believe my husband about BTW – he goes into his studio and works for hours in the middle of the night just to get it out AND LIKE, I GET IT NOW. But, back to what I’m trying to say…I can’t honestly put together a styled shoot by myself, well, I could but the moral here is – you NEED to connect with other people to make the magic happen. You need to collaborate, have fun, experiment, build relationships and its OK if something turns out unexpected or the whole thing falls apart because no matter what, you took a risk, you tried and you learned from it…that experience and the connection. It will all come back to you if you continue to make build relationships with others – so when you can, work your pretty little butt off and have fun with your friends!


Collaborating with these two ladies, Megan Monroe Designs and Kindly Colleen has seriously made my dreams come true this summer.


so the moral of the story is:

Make connections + build relationships.

Welcome to the World Will!

My dear friends welcomed their first child, Will, to the world on March 19th! Together we spent the afternoon in the most beautifully designed, light-filled nursery  capturing the special moments of the first few days at home. Will is a very alert little one, he loves being awake and paying attention to the world around him!

Mom & Dad are old friends of mine if you remember from our Pastorius Park Maternity Session!

Pastorius Park Maternity Session

Deanna & Jon will welcome their baby boy into the world in just a few short weeks and are just the cutest parents-to-be! I’ve been blessed that each of them has been one of my best friends for many years.  

It is going to be so very special to watch them become Mom & Dad! 

We took these pictures on likely the most-gorgeous Sunday afternoon Philadelphia has ever experienced during the month of February!  It was 70 degrees and sunny; which brought EVERYONE (and their dogs!) out to the Wissahickon Park.  The park was so crowded that we opted for a different location because Deanna & Jon couldn’t make it down to Valley Green where we were planning the photo shoot!  

 So instead, we ended up at the beautiful Pastorius Park with their handsome dog, Hudson.

Can’t wait to develop the film we took, too!


Family Shoot – Swarthmore College

Swarthmore College is one of the most beautiful spots in the Philadelphia area! The history and architecture sends sparks to my heart, I am obsessed! The Puzzangara Family certainly added to the gorgeous view – what a beautiful little family! We met mid-afternoon and despite the chill in the air, they smiled until the sun went down. It was a perfect weekend with some of the trees still holding on to their leaves! You can really feel the love!