The Photo Connection

20170130-Mom 60-70-2-1

Have you ever had that feeling looking through your family’s old photographs…a tug on your heart strings – this real connection feeling? Photographs are able to take you back to a time and place and sometimes, even a feeling. Recently, my grandmother sent me albums full of photographs from the late ’50s to mid ’90s of my mom – I felt like I learned so much about her childhood growing up in Upstate, NY. Photographs from their camping trips to halloween and first communions. Photos tell the story when you are no longer able to. I’ve always had this obsession with visually documenting the places I’ve been, my favorite moments with my dearest friends. Some people document with words, they write down the feelings but me – I have to see it to remember it. So I urge you to think about your grandkids, and maybe even their grandkids…looking back at your life and the visual images that may continue on well after you do. Think about how connected they may feel to you and your experiences, making up stories in their head about you. Dreaming of simpler times (can you believe 2017 may be thought of to be a “simpler time” someday? scary.)

What I love about being able to take photos for others is that hunt I feel searching for that organic feeling, trying to capture so much more than just the moment. My favorite photos tend to be the more candid ones, catching that close moment between a child & parent…the almost kiss or sparkle of love in someones eyes. So whatever you do, take a second to snap a shot – you may not realize the story it may hold for years to come.

And, every once in awhile…when you want a picture of you and a loved one, I’d love to do my best to capture that special moment for you.

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from some family photo albums: