Surprise Wildwood Family Beach Photoshoot

Oh, Wildwood, NJ…I realized why it always feels like home – it is basically South Philly with sand! Seriously though, I don’t always love being the “surprise” but when the reaction is PURE JOY, I’ll gladly accept. This family photoshoot surprise for Wendy (pictured above with a smile) filled my heart with so much love!

We met Joanna & Adrian in college but they moved to Boston a few years back. It has been wayyy too long since we’ve seen each other (they now have a year & a half old!) so I even brought my husband along…which was the best decision ever because he was able to jump around to get little baby Ava’s attention all evening! We started at their family beach house and went straight to the sea wall for group pictures! We ended with a super gorgeous garden experience at Hereford Inlet Lighthouse which is a MUST see for plant enthusiasts like me (I may actually be somewhat of a plant hoarder). 

Ok, enough rambling – check out this beautiful family beach session.